The Harper Review is a magazine of politics and culture. We seek to publish well-reasoned essays about collective human life, the institutions that govern it, and the thought and art that arise from it. United by pursuit of excellence, originality, and courage, we aim to learn for ourselves the best paths to human flourishing. The Harper Review is not interested in dogma, nor in provocation for its own sake; instead, we ask our writers and readers to engage in good faith with the political and cultural questions of our day.

Cofounders and coeditors in chief Surya Gowda, Suzanna Murawski

Senior editor and production editor Noah Glasgow 

Digital editor Michael Butler

Assistant editors Elizabeth Eck, Declan Rexer

Assistant digital editors Liam Eifert, Brady Santoro

Contributing editors William Dudley, Aidan Grogan, William Moursund, Francesco Rahe, Virginia Vazquez-Azpiri