Slade House by David Mitchell


Slade House by David Mitchell is not quite a sequel to The Bone Clocks but more of a spin-off. This new story mentions characters from the previous book here and there, but you don’t need to know the backstory to understand what’s going on (at least that was my hope. I didn’t remember a thing from The Bone Clocks and there is no way I’m going to reread it.)

This new story deals with the same matters as The Bone Clocks. We have a set of twins who stay immortal by eating the souls of special mortals. Some how they have arranged it so that every nine years their house, Slade House, appears in a small English alleyway. The two then concoct elaborate schemes and illusions to lure a special target to the house in order to suck out their soul, satiating them for another nine years.

Because the house somehow stays interconnected to the departed souls, things begin to get a little confused as the bamboozled spirits linger long enough to try and warn future victims away, but to no avail. However, people are beginning to link the mysterious vanishings to Slade House and becoming a little too curious, and the departed spirits seem to be getting stronger. Will the evil twins be outsmarted in the end?

Overall, I enjoyed Slade House much more than The Bone Clocks. The chapters were short and suspenseful, each following the last day of the intended victim. It stayed interesting throughout, except for the end, which got a little too explanatory and melodramatic for my tastes. And because I am a fan of aesthetically pleasing books, if you decide to read it, get a a hard copy. People on the street will say, “That looks like a cool book.” And you’ll look down like you’re appraising it for the first time and say, “Yeah. It does.”

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