Hollow City by Ransom Riggs


Hollow City is the second installment of Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children Series. It begins right where the first book left off. The peculiar children’s home has been destroyed and they are now out floating aimlessly in dinghies on a rough sea. There is a war being waged against them by the wights and hollowgasts. As if this wasn’t enough, their minder (embryne) is stuck in the body of a bird; a peregrine falcon to be exact. So they are pretty much on their own to figure this shit out and save their own little time-looped hides. They’re able to make their way to a peculiar island where they meet a talking dog who says their last hope lies with his own embryne, who has disappeared somewhere in London. So the kids set out to find her, embarking on a perilous adventure. Not only are monsters out to eat their souls, but it’s also 1940’s London and the bombs they are a fallin’.

I read the first book back in 2011 and recalled next to nothing about it, other than it was a fun read. I decided to continue the adventure and read the second book, hoping that it all would start to come back to me as I read. Unfortunately nothing really came back and I was thrown right into where the last story left off. I scoured the internet for detailed summaries of the first story, but they were all too vague, so I gave up and just decided I’d try and go with it – a technique that ended up working fine. There wasn’t too much to work out in the end.

The first installment I gave four stars, but for this one I only give three, which is equal to an ‘ok’ for me. Although still fun, it wasn’t exactly as gripping as you’d hope a story would be that’s full of murder monsters. My favorite part was probably the old-timey photos interspersed throughout the book – they were really a great idea. But I will say, towards the end of the book the suspense did begin to mount. So I’ll probably go ahead read the third installation when it’s released… because how in the world are those kids gonna get out of this mess!?!

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