Your Fathers, Where are They? And the Prophets, Do they Live Forever? by Dave Eggers


See, where does a worm like you come from? First you wear Jordache jeans. Then you deny it.

The story begins when the astronaut Thomas has kidnapped comes to in an old army bunker. Evidently having a crisis of self, Thomas has very important questions he needs to ask the astronaut in order for him to make sense of his world. During the interrogation Thomas realizes he has more questions that need answering and goes on to kidnap a retired senator. As he questions the senator, more questions pop up and so on and so forth until the bunkers scattered across the abandoned army base slowly begin to fill up.

I was fully expecting this to be a mediocre read as I was pretty underwhelmed by the few that came before, but I found this novel very enjoyable. Although, many reviewers seem to disagree with me on this point, saying the story was too preachy. I can see where they’re coming from, but I also think most of Egger’s novels and non-fiction books lean that way, so that should be expected to some degree. What I did like about Your Fathers was that it got back to a main character with a case of the crazies, which I can always identify with! I also thought it was a fun idea that each character brings up a different topic to think about including police violence, war, and the shutting down of NASA’s space travel program, among other things.

Hansen, your mouth keeps making mistakes.

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